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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

It's a focal point, an eye catching furniture staple that can add to or detract from one's living room design - it's your coffee table. The power that one's coffee table has over a room is truly influential & it's with this strength in mind that we're sharing a few of our favorite styling tricks - so you may decorate like the pro's, with confidence.

Round coffee table in living room with plants placed on it.
Step 1 - Find & Place Fresh Foliage

A/Revelation designs' SIMPLE STEPS to SLEEK STYLING:

1. Find Fresh Foliage

We firmly believe that plants, that natural green of life, can make any space a happier place. So, regardless of the season, hit your garden or local market to bring literal life to the table. The variety of height & color that can be attained through your fresh organic matter adds a natural delight to any table. Try using an odd number of flowers in the vase or odd number of pots/plants.

Building on the organic, we'll also embrace some geometry, as we construct our arrangement in a simple triangular shape within the round form of the table. Have a little patience & by the time we get to Step 3 you'll understand why we're bringing your old geometry homework back to life. We promise. 😉

2. Add in your Coffee Table Books

To take up a little well-earned space, stack a few of your favorite books (ideally the most visually pleasing of your collection) in a mini tower. Creating this pyramid will add texture & depth to the presentation, while complimenting & contrasting the round table. Just a few will do the job, sticking to odd numbers also works well here. And, those geometric shapes will add interest to the arrangement as well. So, table those gorgeous picture books!

Round coffee table in living room with plants and coffee table books placed on it.
Step 2 - Add Coffee Table Books

3. Top with "Flair"

The grand finale is the flair. What's "flair" you's that little something-something that screams "you." Flair is that simple little treasure from a trip, the knickknack from your Great-Aunt Betty that makes you smile, the creepy (yet, oh so cool) box from the tiny town outside of that one place south of the border (and it happens to be just the right size to hide the remote control), or it's those stunning mala beads from your recent yoga retreat. Your personal flair can be cute, creative, and/or utilitarian since coasters or even a tray of napkins can do the trick.

Whatever you choose to compliment your books & foliage, own it's positioning on the table by placing it in a V shape (that triangle) alongside your other accessories. Upon completion, you have a visual presentation that offers balance, form, texture, & height interests while showcasing your own uniqueness.

Round coffee table in living room with plants, coffee table books, & handmade mala placed on it.
Step 3 - Top with Flair

Crafting your coffee table presentation is a great way to personalize & update your space. Even if your coffee table is square, rectangular, or shaped like an amoeba or kidney bean these 3 steps can aide in creating a unique visual for you & your guests to enjoy. If you'd like a little more guidance gathering inspiration, or even styling your whole home, feel free to call us.

When you've completed your coffee table presentation post it & tag @A_Revelationdesigns on Instagram, so we can see your fabulous work. We're looking forward to seeing your amazing styling!

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