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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Every year we vow to lose weight, focus on our finances, and/or purse more aspirations, but what about our homes? Your home is your haven, your palace — it should bring out the best in you & set you up for success.

Clutter free bedroom nook styled with interior design skills.
Clutter free bedroom nook.

Here are 3 interior design tips to help re-design your New Year:

1. Clear the Clutter

Clearing your house of clutter is one of the best, and least expensive, ways to purge the stress in your life. All of us, to different degrees, are guilty of hoarding, especially after the holidays. With our hoarding, it becomes harder to find and focus on the items that actually benefit our lives. Additionally, clutter makes your house look dated and cramped. Take charge by donating those age-old knick-knacks & thingamajigs so you can start this year fresh. It is important to fill your home with possessions that improve your energy, give you warm-fuzzies, and inspire you. So, in 2022, only buy something if meets those measures.

2. Prep for Guests

Family and friends are an incredible part of life. Invest time in re-inventing and optimizing your space to graciously include guests. A nice kitchen remodel or living room makeover can be just the ticket to creating an environment for entertaining. Adding the fresh, vitality of beautiful plants to your space is also an easy way of adding an energizing zen to your space — plants make guests (and you) feel at peace. Also, remember to prepare your space for conversation by rearranging some of your furniture so not everything, and thus not everyone, focuses on the television.

3. Be Unique!

Finally, life’s too short not to have fun! Take this year to opt into more bold statements with colors, patterns, and unusual accessories. Step out of your comfort zone and get dramatic with your design. A great way to create this change is to update your current color palette. Add splashes of color and accessories that inspire you, make you happy, or bring back your sense of wonder and imagination — being conventional is so 2014. Love books...create an end table out of a sturdy stack. Make your place a vibrant work of art, a window to your soul.

Cozy chair with sturdy stack of books as a unique side table that's styled with residential interior design skills.
Cozy chair with sturdy stack of books as side table.

Remodeling for the New Year can be a lot harder than it’s usually depicted on HGTV…the behind-the-scenes game is *extremely edited out* of the 60-minute special. So, if you have a home that could use some fabulously you interior design work, contact us.

Cheers to an inspiring New Year!

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